How it works

It’s simple as

Cooking doesn’t need to be hard, so at Foodbox, we’ve made sure it isn’t. We select the best and you choose what you'd like to have delivered.​
It’s as simple as that!

In every Foodbox, you’ll get exactly what you need for fresh, flavoursome eating – from your staples to the latest in seasonal freshness. We strive for the products you see on our site to be grown, raised or produced locally using the highest standards and are therefore naturally delicious.

More than just a Box

We deliver farm fresh, tasty and wholesome food in and around Auckland - add your postcode to see if we deliver to your area.

Create your Box

Select your desired ingredients and items from a mix of our Farmer’s Market, starter Boxes, and inspired Recipes.

We carefully pick 'n' pack

We hand-select fresh, local produce and artisan products to match your shopping list.

Delivered to you

Our team will deliver your Foodbox in and around Auckland either one-off, weekly or fortnightly - it’s your choice.